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Biohazard - Punishment [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Biohazard's video for 'Punishment' off the album Urban Discipline - available now on Roadrunner Records. Download now on iTunes: 🤍 LYRICS I question not me, it only happens to others I can't deny reality as lite gets smothered If the lines can be read between Maybe you can tell me then what it all means Cause he who paints the big picture runs the whole scene Locked down, I gotta get it out Impending doom, a cloud above my head Why me? My faith has been devout Blasphemous? Am I better off dead? Punishment, for all my sins A burning thought inside my mind Has me full of pity for all of human kind As we move forth, we fall further behind Fear of death, will my life go on? Controlled fate ? On the corner rolling dice Punishment, but I've done nothing wrong In my eyes, who really pays the price My lament, for the human race Guilty, punishment for all my sins Dread the day that brings the truth Punishment for what I've done Sentence me for all my sins Bound in fear for what I've got Though not much it seems a lot Life is death and no one wins Bustin' my ass, another day another dollar, as I kneel down and I confess to the father that I'm suffering a burning question of the truth, whether or not to pull the trigger or to jump right off the roof, 'cause I did things normal and just like all my friends but now I'm positive and life it all ends Punishment, for all my sins, I repent In reality, we all must face the fact that the majority of the people are out there smoking crack, getting doped up, shooting that shit into their veins, the question must be asked if we have any brains left, or right or wrong in this song, a question we all ask and must answer before long, 'cause no one is safe in this world, what's the deal, the sentence is death and to what court do I appeal ? Punishment, for all my sins, I repent Punishment

Biohazard - Shades Of Grey [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Biohazard's video for 'Shades Of Grey' off the album Urban Discipline - available now on Roadrunner Records. Download now on iTunes: 🤍 LYRICS I make now a stand for belief that I'm steadfast In hating all of the bullshit you give me About my future, present and past Who are you to infringe your values upon me? (I've learned the hard way) Stepping on my toes, you've put my back to the wall (My back to the wall) I've been told a thousand times to give respect when due Why do you find it so hard to believe, I've got none for you It's my heart and my mind that I'll always follow (I will not break) Nor will my balls although that I've seen that you've tried before (Why are people fake?) Maybe you're older, wiser in your own right, it's your mistake I'm gonna do my own thing regardless, my choice to make I am real, in touch with my feelings and I know my place You have shown, on the other hand, both sides of your face I see the world in a different light Things are always black and white Through all these years still to this day My hardened eyes see only shades of grey I would never try and tell you what was right from wrong Maybe that's why you feel that I don't belong Always put me down for things I've said and done Can't you see it's a war that can't be won A war that can't be won Living in your world seems so clear on concise Shutting out reality makes everything so nice Paint a pretty picture, black and white everyday See my tattered canvass bleeding shades of grey Maybe you're older, wiser in your own right, it's your mistake I'm gonna do my own thing regardless my choice to make Shades of fucking grey

Biohazard Dynamo Open Air 1995


Biohazard op Dynamo Open Air 1995 00:00 Intro 00:20 Urban Discipline 05:24 What Makes Us Tick 07:20 Black and White and Red All Over 12:08 How It Is 15:50 Wrong Side of the Tracks 19:58 Victory 22:28 Shades of Grey 26:12 Remember 30:25 Business 35:21 Love Denied 40:19 Five Blocks to the Subway See here for the rest of the show: 🤍

BIOHAZARD - Tales From The Hard Side (Video)


© 2005 WMG Tales From The Hard Side (Video)

Biohazard - Full Show - Live at Wacken Open Air 2015


New York Hardcore icons Biohazard had their premiere in Wacken in 2015 and were welcomed by sunshine and a great crowd! Songs: 00:00 Wrong Side of the Tracks 03:58 Shades of Grey 07:47 Urban Discipline 13:49 The Chamber Spins Three 17:32 Tales from the Hardside 22:27 Down for Life 26:57 How It Is 30:59 Vengeance is Mine 35:23 Resist 37:56 Love Denied 42:02 Howard Beach 44:27 We're Only Gonna Die (Bad Religion Cover) 48:35 Victory 53:20 Punishment 56:27 Hold My Own WackenTV is the place to find hundreds of clips shot on site throughout the history of the world’s most famous Metal festival - getting more and more on every Monday and Thursday. Legendary performances, gorgeous campground atmosphere and exciting glimpses behind the scenes are gathered here. Meet the Wacken-crew with our host Harry Metal and watch out for Wacken-related stuff like shots from Full Metal Cruise or Hamburg Metal Dayz. Comment our clips, like us on facebook and take part in our video-vote there once a month. And of course - SUBSCRIBE to the channel, so you don't miss anything! LABEL COLOUR CODE: Red Label - Live Performance Green Label - Documentary Blue Label - Harry Metal Podcast Orange Label - Trailer Clip Yellow Label - Music Video Clip Enjoy and stay Metal! \m/ wacken wacken 2011 wacken 2012 wacken 2013 wacken 2014 wacken 2010 wacken 2009 rammstein wacken 2013 wacken 2008 heino wacken wacken 2013 rammstein nightwish wacken 2013 wall of death jan delay wacken rammstein volbeat wacken 2012 volbeat in extremo wacken live nightwish heaven shall burn iron maiden in flames amon amarth jbo wacken avantasia wacken 2011 jbo wacken doku rammstein heino wacken volbeat wacken motörhead wacken 2011 ozzy wacken reportage rammstein wacken knorkator metallica motörhead wacken 2011 in flames wacken roberto blanco wacken blind guardian knorkator wacken 2011 wacken firefighters in extremo wacken arch enemy wacken 09 wacken heino cannibal corpse der w wacken children of bodom heino rammstein wacken trivium wacken 2011 hammerfall sabaton wacken sabaton iron maiden wacken schandmaul sabaton wacken 2013 subway to sally nightwish wacken motörhead wacken 2013 dimmu borgir wacken hymne trivium wacken 2013 metal amon amarth wacken airbourne wacken 2011 wacken 2007 wacken feuerwehr airbourne knorkator wacken santiano wacken avantasia doro van canto santiano trivium wacken machine head auf nach wacken cannibal corpse wacken der w scorpions wacken full concert mambo kurt immortal saxon wacken 08 six feet under manowar wacken open air böhse onkelz doro wacken 2013 avantasia wacken scorpions wacken trivium airbourne wacken wacken 2011 reportage blind guardian wacken apocalyptica wacken 2011 kreator

【UTAU Original】Bi☣hazard【Kikyuune Aiko 5th Birthday】


Thanks so much for OVER 1 MILLION VIEWS!!! - "I'm tearing up our truce flag." - CrusherP: "I change and grow. My music is a living timeline of my development as a human being, something I can finally consider myself now. There's no turning back; this is why I am Crusher, not Crushed. This song is dedicated to my friend Di." MystSaphyr: "I really don't know what to write after Cien's bit so uh happy 5th birthday, Aiko! I had a ton of fun tuning and making the PV for this, even if I cut a few corners in video editing because of time. Also due to some silly mistakes I made while trying to work on Aiko's oto file in LA, her English CVVC release has been pushed to the 17th, Project UTAU XYZ's 5th anniversary." CircusP: "This song is a hella awesome song by Cien and Myst and also i was here and helped do a thing so u should send this to lady gaga and get Aiko to open for her ktnhx byeohazard" Nicovideo: 🤍 Unmastered off-vocal: 🤍 Mastered off-vocal: 🤍 Lyrics: 🤍 Raw vocal stems: 🤍 Featured on albums: STRATOSPHERE: 🤍 VOCAMERICA: 🤍 UTAUMiRAi: 🤍 Credits * Song and lineart by CrusherP * Tuning, coloring and PV by MystSaphyr * Mastering by CircusP * CrusherP's YouTube : 🤍 * CircusP's YouTube : 🤍 🤍

Biohazard - Self Titled [FULL ALBUM 1990]


TRACKLIST 00:00 - Retribution 04:26 - Victory 06:55 - Blue Blood 09:25 - Howard Beach 11:35 - Wrong Side Of The Tracks 15:30 - Justified Violence 19:40 - Skinny Song 22:08 - Hold My Own 24:47 - Pain 27:23 - Panic Attack 30:54 - Survival Of The Fittest 33:11 - There & Back 37:13 - Scarred For Life By HardMetalero96 \m/

BIOHAZARD - How It Is (Video)


© 2005 WMG How It Is (Video)

Biohazard sellout


Biohazard - Punishment


Biohazard Punishment

Interview Biohazard - Evan Seinfeld (part 1)


Evan Seinfeld about Early days of the band, the hood, putting more focus on the band, playing in the Netherlands Video interview with the hardcore metal band Biohazard. FaceCulture spoke to Evan Seinfeld, vocalist and bassplayer of Biohazard, about the early days of the band, the hood, moving out of NY, reuniting with Bobby, getting into the adult business, making statements, internet piracy in music and movies, independent labels, hypocrite governments , new Biohazard record and more. (29/11/09)

Biohazard - Tales From The Hard Side (Official Video)


Biohazard - Tales From The Hard Side (c) Warner Bros Records. An awesome song from the State Of World Adress (1994). Enjoy - Check out my rap-metal band Break It Down - 🤍

Biohazard - Kill or Be Killed (2003)


01. Intro 0:00 02. World on Fire 0:27 03. Never Forgive Never Forget 03:00 04. Kill Or Be Killed 07:15 05. Heads Kicked In 09:55 06. Beaten Senseless 14:32 07. Make My Stand 16:41 08. Open Your Eyes 19:19 09. Penalty 22:34 10. Dead To Me 25:36 11. Hallowed Ground 29:40

Biohazard - My Life, My Way


"Means To An End" 2005 🤍

Biohazard - Uncivilization (Full Album)


01. Sellout – 00:00 02. Uncivilization – 3:31 03. Wide Awake – 7:40 04. Get Away – 11:26 05. Unified – 15:31 06. Gone – 18:08 07. Letter Go – 22:24 08. Last Man Standing – 23:46 09. HFFK – 27:04 10. Domination – 29:50 11. Trap – 34:15 12. Plastic – 38:11 13. Cross The Line – 43:40 14. Life of My Own – 47:49 15. Sex & Violence (Carnivore Cover) – 54:05

Biohazard Punishment Dynamo Festival 1995.


Biohazard Live at Dynamo Festival 1995. Punishment for ya all.

BIOHAZARD - Five Blocks To The Subway (Video)


© 2005 WMG Five Blocks To The Subway (Video)

Biohazard - Authority


Monday yawning school's so boring, Or go to work like a jerk and end up snoring, Tuesday's mail never fails, Collection agency wants me in jail, Wednesday's rules got me ignoring deploring, my tensions roaring, Thursday same shit different day, But these motherfucking rules will never ever go away. Fuck the rules. Friday night gonna be out of sight, If you're 21 they say drinking might be fun, On Saturday Bible says seventh day, The day of rest so have it your way, Go for a ride keep it under 55, Respect the Badge don't drink and drive, On Sunday gotta survive these fascist fools, Take your freedom back from the bullshit rules. Call me paranoid call me what you will I got a fucking feeling something big is going down.

[hate5six] Biohazard - July 25, 2015


Biohazard at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA on 2015-07-25 Every day is Viewer's Choice on hate5six. Vote on tomorrow's video release: 🤍 Other BIOHAZARD Videos: 2015-03-31 - Philadelphia, PA - 🤍 2014-05-17 - Brooklyn, NY - 🤍 Other Videos From The Show: Turnstile - 🤍 Misfits - 🤍 Bane - 🤍 Sand - 🤍 No Zodiac - 🤍 Lifeless - 🤍 Xibalba - 🤍 Wisdom in Chains - 🤍 Cro-Mags JM - 🤍 Suburban Scum - 🤍 Absolute Suffering - 🤍 Killing Time - 🤍 Reach the Sky - 🤍 Rock Bottom - 🤍 Timebomb - 🤍 Sicker Than Most - 🤍 Bands Similar to BIOHAZARD, computed by Sage: 🤍 Downset - 🤍 Madball - 🤍 Suicidal Tendencies - 🤍 E. Town Concrete - 🤍 Dog Eat Dog - 🤍 Ramallah - 🤍 Bloodclot - 🤍 Merauder - 🤍 Agnostic Front - 🤍 Leeway - 🤍 hate5six is a one-man operation focused on documenting live music and creating avenues for people and bands to discover one another. Become a member of hate5six and gain access to exclusive interviews, early access to live sets, apps and other bonus content: 🤍 Every day is Viewer's Choice on hate5six. Vote on tomorrow's video release: 🤍 hate5six on IG: 🤍 hate5six on Twitter: 🤍 hate5six on FB: 🤍

RESIDENT EVIL 7 Biohazard Full HD 1080p/60fps Longplay Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary


SHN Rating for Resident Evil 7 Biohazard ★★★★★★ (An instant classic in the Survival Horror Genre!) ★★★★★★ Stars means one of SHNs personal new Favourite Horror Games and an Ultra Must-Have for Survival Horror Fans. FEAR COMES HOME! Resident Evil returns as the most innovative, immersive and visceral experience yet! This Includes No Deaths and all Coins Locations and all Documents Resident Evil 7 biohazard is the next major entry in the renowned Resident Evil series and sets a new course for the franchise as it leverages its roots and opens the door to a truly terrifying horror experience. A dramatic new shift for the series to first person view in a photorealistic style powered by Capcom’s new RE Engine, Resident Evil 7 delivers an unprecedented level of immersion that brings the thrilling horror up close and personal. Set in modern day rural America and taking place after the dramatic events of Resident Evil® 6, players experience the terror directly from the first person perspective. Resident Evil 7 embodies the series’ signature gameplay elements of exploration and tense atmosphere that first coined “survival horror” some twenty years ago; meanwhile, a complete refresh of gameplay systems simultaneously propels the survival horror experience to the next level. Played on : PC Highest Settings Difficulty: Normal Developer: Capcom Released: January 24th 2017 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ Survival Horror Network ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Donations 🤍 ► Intro Song Remixed by DJ CRYPT3X on Youtube, Walking Dead Edit ► Add me on Google+: 🤍 ► Thumbnail Font Created by PETER JONCA on 🤍 ► HORROR GENRE WILL NEVER DIE! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ Thanks for Watching! ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #ResidentEvil7 #SHN #SurvivalHorror

Kevin de Vries - Biohazard


Buy / Stream: 🤍 ‘Unity Pt. 3’ features thirty-nine tracks by a wide range of artists signed to Afterlife. Proceeds from the release will go to two causes close to the label’s heart. UNICEF Ukraine, which is working to reach vulnerable children and families with essential services – including health, education, protection, water and sanitation – as well as life-saving supplies in Ukraine. Donations are also going to Planned Parenthood, the nonprofit organization Planned Parenthood, who continue to do everything they can to protect the fundamental right for people to decide over their own bodies. This is the third release of a ‘Unity’ compilation, first started during the pandemic to promote unity and togetherness in a time of widespread isolation.

Biohazard 06/04/95 Eindhoven Holland @ Dynamo Festival Full Concert


CHECK OUT MY FULL LENGTH METAL CONCERTS HERE: 🤍 Witness Biohazard at their peak as they destroy the fans at the 1995 Dynamo Festival! Always thought their guitarist Bobby Hambel had a great style - kinda a blues/rock/shred thing goin on...

Biohazard - Urban Discipline


Artist/Band: Biohazard Album: Urban Discipline (1992) Genre: Heavy Metal, Hardcore Punk Track: 8 Tracklist: 1. Chamber Spins Three 2. Punishment 3. Shades of Grey 4. Business 5. Black and White and Red All Over 6. Man With a Promise 7. Disease 8. Urban Discipline 9. Loss 10. Wrong Side of the Tracks 11. Mistaken Identity (Biohazard, Mick Devitt) 12. We're Only Gonna Die ( Bad Religion Cover) 13. Tears of Blood 14. Hold My Own

ONYX Feat. Biohazard - Judgment Night HD


ONYX Feat. Biohazard - Judgment Night HD



Billy sits down with Robb for an EPIC 2 hour chat about Biohazard touring with Slayer, getting kicked off the Slayer tour for a poop prank, agreeing on their band name while smoking crack, tour debauchery, his great new solo album, jamming with Cypress Hill's Sen Dog in Powerflo and so much more!

Crusher - Bi☣hazard (2017 Ver.) 【ft. Aiko Kikyuune】


AND I WILL FIGHT ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ AS YOU ATTACK Hello! This is the revamped version of Biohazard originally released in 2014, specially made for my first album, Concientia!!! Check out Concientia here: 🤍 International shipping: 🤍 Illustration by: 四季まこと (🤍makkou_4) Video by: 七星 (🤍nnhsykr) UST: MystSaphyr Aiko Kikyuune belongs to MystSaphyr

EUROPE'S BEST KANO VS THE BEST KANO NA!! Biohazard (Kano) vs Aladar (Kano)


First to 10 Money Match against Aladar's Kano! Which Kano will reign supreme in this mirror match? I stream Monday to Friday from 1 - 4 pm EST on 🤍 Tune in to catch all the latest content from your favourite NRS Grappler! I also host 1v1 sessions through my brother HoneyBee's Patreon, whether you're a newcomer or just looking to level up your game! Check out the link: 🤍 and scroll down to the Biohazard section, spots are limited! Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 #biohazard #biohazardcmndr #mk11 #mortalkombat

Tales from the Hard Side


Provided to YouTube by Warner Records Tales from the Hard Side · Biohazard State Of The World Address ℗ 1994 Warner Records Inc. Composer, Lyricist: Daniel Schuler Composer, Lyricist: Evan Seinfeld Composer, Lyricist: Robert Hambel Composer, Lyricist: William Graziadei Auto-generated by YouTube.

Massive Body Meltdown | Naples, FL


We have exciting things coming soon including exclusive content, chats with Laura, discounts on merch many many more! Join our newsletter below to be the first to hear about it! It really helps support the channel! 🤍 Ed and Carrisa train a new employee on bio hazard decontamination on a job that just might be the most wide spread decomposition they've ever seen. ✩ FOLLOW US ✩ ✭YOUTUBE: 🤍 ✭TWITTER: 🤍 ✭FACEBOOK: 🤍 ✭INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ———————————— HOTLINES National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Call 1-800-273-8255 Lifeline Crisis Chat: 🤍 Hoarding: 🤍 Disaster Distress Hotline (SAMHSA): (800) 985-5990 Veteran’s Crisis Line: (800) 273-8255 GriefShare: 1-800-395-5755 Trevor Hotline (Suicide) 1-866-4-U-TREVOR S.A.F.E. (Self-Abuse Finally Ends) 1-800-DONT-CUT ———————————— ✩ SUPPORT THE SHOW ✩ ✭Buy Merch: 🤍 ✭Become a Certified Crime Scene Cleaner: ✭Give us feedback by liking and commenting ✭Share our videos with friends and family ✭Visit our website: ✭As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases listed below. ✩ CLEAN LIKE THE PROS ✩ ✭ Get Stains Out: 🤍 ✭ Getting Rid of a Smell?: 🤍 ✭ Fresh Air: https: 🤍 ✭ Let’s Suit up: 🤍 ✭ Mold Problems: 🤍 ✩ RECCOMENDED READS ✩ ✭Rich Dad Poor Dad: 🤍 ✭The E Myth: 🤍 ✭Can’t Hurt Me: 🤍 ———————————— #SpauldingDecon #CrimeSceneCleaning #MaggietheMaggot

Biohazard Dynamo Open Air 1995 part 2


Part 2 of the concert of Biohazard on Dynamo Open Air 1995. See here for part 1. 🤍

[Quick Guide] Biohazard


items: 550 coins recommended: - 2 stamina potions - weight reducing armor - a weapon to kill a CB 13 Teleports: - 2 Ardougne or Fishing guild teleport - 1 Varrock teleport - 1 after quest completion Quests: Plague city skills: 33 agile can speed things up Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Old School Runescape 2007 2007scape quest

Biohazard - After Forever Video [Lyrics on Description]


"After Forever" has been covered by Biohazard for Nativity in Black, a Black Sabbath tribute album. Lyrics: Have you ever thought about your soul, can it be saved? Or perhaps you think that when you're dead you just stay your grave Is God just within your head or is he a part of you? Is Christ just a namethat you read in a book when you were at school? When you think about death do you lose your breath or do you keep your cool? Would you like to see the Pope on the end of a rope-Do you think he's a fool? Well i have the truth. Yes I have seen the light and I've changed my ways. And I'll be prepared when you're lonely and scaredat the end of our days. Could it be you're afraid of what your friends might say If they knew you believed in God above They should realize before they criticise That God is the only way to love. Is your mind so small that you have to fall In with the pack wherever they run Will you still sneer whemn death is near And say they might as well worship the sun. I think it is true it was people like you that crucified Christ I think it is sad that the opinion you had was the only one voiced. Will you be so sure when your day is near say you won't believe? You had a chance but you turned it down now you can't retrieve. Perhaps you'll think before you say that God is dead and gone Open your eyes, just realize that he is the one, The only one who can save you now from all this sin and hate. Or will you still jeer at all you hear? Yes-I think it's too late. DISCLAIMER! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Cleaning a hoarder BIOHAZARD for FREE!


#autistic The following are Amazon affiliate links. I earn a small commission from qualifying sales. Carpet cleaner: 🤍 Rubber broom: 🤍 Lilly brush: 🤍 Spray bottles: 🤍 Drill brushes: 🤍 Ultra fine microfiber cloth: 🤍

SONiKA 「Bi☣hazard」 VOCALOID Cover +VSQ


Original song by CrusherP and Myst (with some help from CircusP) 🤍 Composition and Lyrics by Cien Video and art by MystSaphyr SONiKA tuning by me VSQ+VSQX: 🤍 nico: soon IT WAS SONiKA'S BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!! So I made this! I'm sorry it wasn't in time for her Birthday, but mine is today so at least it made one of our birthdays lol I hope you like it!!

『BIOHAZARD RE:4』 2nd Trailer


死を逸(かわ)し、倒す快感。 2023年3月24日、『BIOHAZARD RE:4』がPlayStation®5に再誕! ■発売日:2023年3月24日 ■対応ハード:PlayStation®5、PlayStation®4、Xbox Series X|S、Steam ■ジャンル:サバイバルホラー ■プレイ人数:1人 ■公式サイト:🤍 #バイオハザード #バイオ #RE4

New World Disorder


Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group New World Disorder · Biohazard · Sticky Fingaz New World Disorder ℗ 1999 The Island Def Jam Music Group Released on: 1999-01-01 Producer, Studio Personnel, Mixer: Ed Stasium Producer: Biohazard Composer Lyricist: William Daniel Graziadei Composer Lyricist: Daniel Schuler Composer Lyricist: Evan Seinfeld Composer Lyricist: Rob Echeverria Auto-generated by YouTube.

Biohazard - Punishment


Artist/Band: Biohazard Album: Urban Discipline (1992) Genre: Heavy Metal, Hardcore Punk Track: 2 Tracklist: 1. Chamber Spins Three 2. Punishment 3. Shades of Grey 4. Business 5. Black and White and Red All Over 6. Man With a Promise 7. Disease 8. Urban Discipline 9. Loss 10. Wrong Side of the Tracks 11. Mistaken Identity (Biohazard, Mick Devitt) 12. We're Only Gonna Die ( Bad Religion Cover) 13. Tears of Blood 14. Hold My Own

Onyx featuring Biohazard - Slam (Bioynx ReMix Version) ‌‌ - Bohemia Afterdark


NEW Channel! Come Subscribe to Bohemia Afterdark's NEW Channel! We will be unlocking more of the music vault! 🤍 ​​ Onyx's shouting, in-your-face brand of high-volume rapping proved to be more at home in the slam pit than on the dancefloor and brought the rap quartet instant chart success. Originally formed in Queens, NY, during 1990, the members of Onyx (Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz, Big DS, and DJ Suave Sonny Caeser) met while working as barbers. The band honed their rhyming skills and act by performing at local clubs, which eventually gained the attention of Run-D.M.C.'s Jam Master Jay, who signed the group to his label, JMJ Records, and even helped produce Onyx's debut full-length, Bacdafucup, in 1993. The album turned out to be a platinum-certified smash, spurred on by the runaway success of the hit single "Slam," which went on to become one of the year's biggest rap hits. The group confirmed that they were just as content attracting a heavy metal audience by a pair of collaborations with the N.Y.C. hardcore metal outfit Biohazard (a remix of "Slam" credited to Bionyx, and the title track to the motion picture Judgment Night). The album even beat out such stiff competition as Dr. Dre's rap classic The Chronic at the Soul Train Awards for Best Rap Album that year. Biohazard was a band originally based out of Brooklyn, New York. They are acknowledged as one of the earliest bands to fuse hardcore punk and heavy metal with elements of hip hop. Onyx featuring Biohazard - Slam (Bioynx ReMix Version) © 1993 Chaos ‌‌ Bohemia Afterdark is a channel for music lovers that remember the alternative, grunge and hip hop music from the late 80’s and early 90’s. Music featured on BVMTV during that time typically was not seen anywhere else. Subscribe to the NEW Bohemia Afterdark channel as we work through our library of thousands of music videos, interviews, events and more. Want to be featured on BVMTV? Submit your band info to the email address below as we would love to hear more about you and your music. email: bohemiamusicvault🤍 Bohemia Afterdark launched on TVs in 1982 and operated in Phoenix, AZ, but early history is unknown until 1990 when they moved to Portland, Oregon. In 1992 they began airing on KPDX Portland and then they move to KWBP in 1994. In 1995 they began airing on 22 Network One affiliates. In 1997 Network One shut down and the service moved to KOIN and in 2001, the service moved back to Phoenix, airing on KASW, then in 2002, moved to KPHO-TV. In 2003 they got their own station, KPHE-LP, at the time broadcasting on channel 19 in Mesa, Arizona, and changed their name to Bohemia Visual Music. KPHE moved to channel 44 in Phoenix in 2005.[2] Bohemia Visual Music changed their name to 24-7 Videos for a few months from mid-2005 to early-2006, then reverted to Bohemia Visual Music. Be sure to subscribe to the new BVMTV channel for more videos from the Bohemia Music Vault! 🤍 BVMTV Website: 🤍 BVMTV Facebook: 🤍 BVMTV Twitter 🤍 BVMTV Digg 🤍 BVMTV Tumblr 🤍 BVMTV Myspace 🤍

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